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STYLE AMBITION – Celebrity & Personal Stylist.

Network Stylist Bridget Bell wants to bring the celebrity styling experience to the everyday woman, delivering the ultimate ‘wow’ factor to their wardrobe regardless of budget or location.


Learn Celeb Styling Tricks To Style Your Unique Shape

Over 4 Weeks, Learn How To Shop & Dress YOUR Body

Let’s go beyond the simplicity of ‘basic body shape rules’ to teach you exactly how to shop and style your shape.


Join Bridget, stylist to TV Presenters, Actors and Influencers in a 4 WEEK Self Paced Styling Program to learn: 

– How to make any body shape look balanced

– How to camouflage features properly

– How to nail casual, work and event outfits

– How to shop for your unique features

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Your Personal Style Expert

As an industry expert who has styled over 150 celebrity shoots, television shows and events, Bridget is known for nailing the brief no matter the silhouette, budget, creative vision or time frame. Bridget now helps executives, working mums and entrepreneurs ‘nail their own styling brief’ through shoppable videos and styling boards, virtual styling sessions and wardrobe edits all from the comfort of their own home.

That Moment

When something clicks – this is often the case with Bridget's clients. You may read something online or see someone in a magazine or you start to notice stylish people around you. Maybe you saw your reflection and decided you’re just not happy. Put something on you no longer love only to take it off again. Then there is that moment - you decide enough is enough! This is what I hear most often, that moment in your life when it is time to make a change. AHA MOMENT! (Oprah)


Your most valuable asset in life is you, and to achieve the best you, having a functional wardrobe that supports your needs and lifestyle is paramount to living a successful life of abundance and happiness.
Actor - Asher Keddie
Styled by Bridget Bell
Photographer - John Tsiarvis

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Network Clients


Kat Stewart

Bridget Bell is a delight and an absolute pro. She has styled me for many network shoots over the years as well as red carpet events.  She knows how to pull a look together and who to call on to make it happen. She is sensitive to her clients personality, taste and shape. She is also great company.

Kate Jenkinson

I’ve had the pleasure of being styled by the brilliant Bridget on many occasions. I have always felt super stylish in her ensembles.  Not only has she got incredible taste but she is an all around legend who is a joy to work with. Thanks for all the style tips Bridget!