Melbourne Cup Stylist

There is something magical about getting dressed for the Melbourne Cup. As a Melbourne Cup Stylist, Bridget Bell knows how to put together a magical outfit for any of the days you will be attending. When putting together an outfit for racing there are more traditional guidelines to be followed however the fashions don’t always allow us to always do so. The main guidelines include no midriff which is tricky with all of the cutouts being on trend. Try to keep these cutouts minimal where possible as quite often the style of the dress will be mid-length which is very elegant for racing. Avoid any dresses that are too short in length. The final one is strapless. As a Melbourne Cup Stylist, Bridget says the main idea with any outfit is to keep it classy! Melbourne Cup style and fashion are always colourful except for Derby Day of course which is the traditional black-and-white day. Find the colours that suit your complexion the most.

How do you do this? Hold up clothing from your own wardrobe and see what colour lights up your face the most. It’s great to try new colours while out shopping too, colours you have never tried before as you might just surprise yourself!

With so many options, how do you choose? Where do you even start?

With a mass of clothing already in the shops for spring racing, how do you know what styles are best for your body shape? Pantsuits, pencils, and trapeze dresses played a huge role in last year’s spring racing carnival however different cuts and styles of clothing determine the final silhouette of any women’s body shape. You may be heavier on the top and smaller on the bottom or have a larger bootie and narrow shoulders. Then what size bust do you have? All of these factors are taken into perspective when Bridget is styling you for any event.

Comfort is key, says Melbourne Cup Stylist Bridget Bell. It’s one thing to look amazing however having the right comfort level is key to staying trackside all day. Bridget has knowledge of footwear brands to perfect your look, and be comfortable all day long and the most important part is being able to repurpose your shoes for another occasion so they are not left collecting dust in your wardrobe.

Headwear, where do you even start I hear you say? Each year the spring racing carnival comes to light, and milliners have been working madly behind the scenes to create new and exciting styles often set by the northern hemisphere racing trends. Once upon a time, full-brim hats were part of the traditional racing look, and then came the new trend of fascinators followed by headbands.

The wide brim did make somewhat of a comeback this season in the celebrity marquees. Many of the main punters went for a more functional style. Department stores always offer an array of very affordable headwear, but how do you select the right shape and style for you and your outfit to take your style to the next level? I would consider three factors here:
  1. The scale of the headwear to your dress
  2. The colour of your dress you want to highlight the most should it be multi-coloured
  3. The shape of your head needs to be flattering. Often diagonal shapes are most flattering.
Melbourne Cup stylist, Bridget Bell has a celebrity edge and flair for styling spring racing looks of which you are sure to look and feel amazing among friends and family at this amazing annual event. Great style, friends & fun might just be the ultimate trifecta!