Personal Styling

What I do:

Style is a journey that begins in your wardrobe. This is where I discover who you are, your lifestyle and personality quirks. It’s from here I help you navigate through an overwhelming sea of choices out there in the fashion world. I draw upon my encyclopaedic knowledge of brands and bring together a carefully curated personal style unique to you. I live for the tell-tale sign you love your new look; when you make that subconscious ‘strike a pose’ action in front of the mirror, you’ll know I’ve nailed the brief!

I work out your best features and what is most complimentary to your shape. I balance your figure by using lights and dark colours as well as pattern and the overall shape of the clothing to achieve harmony with your everyday look.

What I love most about what I do is getting to know you whilst discovering your personality and lifestyle. I know more than anyone that no two bodies are ever the same. I believe the best starting point with any is to shop in your own wardrobe.

The effort and investment required to carefully curate a successful celebrity image is something I have honed over many years in the media industry. As a private client of mine I spend the time to get to know you and what works best for your everyday needs to curate the perfect wardrobe no matter what your lifestyle.

The options out there for women are endless and quickly we become overwhelmed by the mass market. Whether you're shopping for work clothes or a special occasion you can often chase your tail by heading to the department stores only to find that nothing really suits or looks good and you often settle for something that's not ideal and there goes your confidence out the door! Let’s shop together with intent….

Wardrobe Makeover (The best place to start)

I'll introduce you to my 'Styling System', the perfect way to clear out your unwanted clothing. Pass on – Sell – Try On – Keep.

This process makes it very clear about how you normally shop. A pattern soon emerges from your existing clothing about your current shopping habits.

Clutter creates confusion. Let’s spend the time identifying what pieces in your wardrobe work for you, then focus on what needs to go and create a wish list for new items to add.

Let’s work out what treasures you have to create a carefully curated wardrobe that does the work for you. Ever wanted the perfect capsule wardrobe? By starting in your wardrobe, I can clearly see what you have and maybe we only need a few new styles we can shop for to build a capsule. Being able to 'Mix & Match' your clothing to create a 'Capsule' wardrobe is the key to your success.

This process is very cleansing and is full of laughs and memories.

Time To Shop

Time to sharpen up your style! Or maybe you have you completely lost your way? The two main reasons that you need my styling expertise.

Before your appointment you'll complete a questionnaire and chat with your style expert. I will take the time to research the best brands for you and pre-shop on the day for 1 hour before to shop to make our time together efficient, intentful, educational & exciting! (Allow 2.5 hours)

You will get a great insight into what best suits your body and feel confident with the tricks and tips I have to show you ready for your next shopping trip when you go it alone. I adopt a no rules approach to my styling to allow you freedom in the way you dress.

Style, Review & Edit

Allow me to style your existing wardrobe back with your new exciting new additions that we have been shopping for to create multiple new and exciting looks, looks you had never thought of wearing. I will present these looks to you as a digital 'Style File' so it's like consulting your own stylist every day!

You'll never think I have nothing to wear again!

(Ideal for after we ‘shop' to intergrate new styles into your exisiting wardrobe)

Premium Personal Styling

I think we all need a break in life sometimes. Why not have your stylist deliver clothing and accessories to your door? 

  Step 1- Complete my ‘Style’ questionnaire followed by a Zoom meeting, phone call or meet face to face to discuss.

  Step 2 - Your Personal Stylist (ME) shops for you while you work then delivers your new wardrobe to your door for a fitting. (Fitting time 1 hour)  

Outcome: Only keep what you like!

(Perfect for the time poor or if you simply loathe shopping.)



Chyka Keebaugh

I had the great pleasure of meeting Bridget while filming The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Bridget came to cast her eyes over my wardrobe and to help pull together some great new looks for me during filming. As someone who loves fashion, I enjoyed the process of a stylist looking at what I had with a different eye. Sometimes we get a little stuck in our ways and I loved Bridget’s fresh approach to mixing and matching what I had. Bridget had a really easy going manner and made me feel great in what she put together. We had a lot of fun and I now look at what I have in a different way. Fashion is a fun way to express yourself and can make you feel a million different ways. Thanks Bridget for all your help and I look forward to playing with you again . Love Chyka x

Susie Kazda

I was lucky enough to have Bridget take me on a journey to find my style. I had become a successful business owner, continued a great acting career and I love, love, love to socialise. I needed a clearer idea about what my personal style was for each of these roles and what my personal brand represented both as an actress and business owner that wasn’t corporate. One of the best moments was receiving ‘My Style File’ with jam packed ways to style outfits from my wardrobe including new and existing clothes. The stylist discounts alone that Bridget was able to provide with her contacts meant I’d almost covered my costs and didn’t own anything that as unworn.

Personal Styling Q & A

A phone conversation with me your stylist about your reason for
wanting to make a change is the best place to start. Together we can talk about a session suited
to where you are at in life.

Rather more like a detox. We eliminate all the bad choices and
discuss why. Then we look back with what we have and discuss why each style does or doesn’t
work for you and your lifestyle moving forward.

A list of styles we need to complete your wardrobe to make sure it does the hard work for you. That way we are shopping with intent and making wise purchases that you  will wear again and again. We may find some ‘HERO’ styles along the way. By that I mean standout pieces that will elevate your personal style. A must have to bring your new celebrity strut to life!

I am lucky enough to have VIP media styling discounts that will allow your budget to stretch even more! I work with any budget and am a savvy shopper knowing how to find great bargains.

‘Wardrobe Edit’ is the foundation to achieving great style.

No problem! I often tailor packages to suit your needs.

Allow approximately two to three hours.

No budget is too low. l’ll work within your budget can recommend clothing to purchase at
a later date.

No need! With my Styling System we will have you  looking and feeling fabulous in no time!

Absolutely! See my Style Deliver package.