Personal Stylist Services

Bridget’s Personal Styling Services are focused on styling women’s body shapes. Using clothing to balance their shape by way of colour and pattern to achieve this. The result is flattering to the individual’s features, whether they have large shoulders and busts or wide hips and a tummy.

Proportion and length are very much a factor in the process of Bridget’s individual styling method used to suit her clients. Knowing what styles work best for the individual’s height, torso length and body length. Bridget had extensive knowledge of fabrics and cuts from her experience as a fashion designer before becoming a stylist. Understanding the shape of clothing allows her to style the best results for her clients leaving them with a newfound confidence and clarity of their style not to mention the ability to shop freely on their own in the future when shopping for themselves. Bridget launched her first online course in 2022 called The Body Shape Intensive to showcase all of the above.

Style Ambition’s complete range of services includes a Wardrobe Makeover and Edit 1:1 session, where Bridget will spend the time identifying what pieces in your wardrobe work for you, then focus on what needs to go. Followed by creating a wish list for new items suited to your body shape. Bridget says great style is easily created with a capsule wardrobe.

1:1 Personal Shopping is a life-changing experience that takes all of the uneasiness around knowing what shapes and styles of clothing look great for your personality and body shape. Maybe you have lost your way and have no idea what your style is any more or your body shape has completely changed. The overwhelm of the stores and the choices they offer to make it difficult to make solid purchases that you will wear and wear again. Make a difference today to the planet by buying clothing you will wear and wear for many years to come rather than buying fast fashion. Knowing how to shop season after season with Bridget will help you build on the wardrobe you already own and you will always have the right pair of shoes, the right bag and the right top for any occasion.

Premium Personal Styling is a styling service offered by Bridget Bell whereby she brings your clothing to your home or office after an initial meeting and taking of measurements. You only keep what you like! The average success rate of clothing kept is 85%. Bridget’s skills and expert knowledge at nailing this service come from years of styling celebrities in Melbourne for 16 years. This service was designed for the time-poor person for those who simply do not like to shop.

Accessories styling was created by Bridget as sometimes all her clients needed was an updated shoe and bag collection. This way her clients always have the right shoe and bag for any occasion. This is one of the ways Bridget Bell from Style Ambition can create virtual services to reach women all around Australia and New Zealand. The initial meeting is done over zoom. Bridget then creates a virtual video with links to products you can purchase directly online.

Style Your Wardrobe is exactly that. Bridget Bell from Style Ambition Will come into your wardrobe and style looks from your existing wardrobe. These looks are then captured into a digital style file for you to refer to anytime you need some style advice.

Virtual Styling Shopshare channel provides a video platform for Style Ambition to share their services, creating videos and mood boards that contain links to products that people can then shop directly from.

These can be created from a wide range of retailers where Bridget can share her knowledge of different brands that are suitable for different body shapes and sizes.

Personal Branding is a service whereby Bridget collaborates with a Melbourne photographer offering headshot days 4 times a year. The client has a 1:1 virtual meeting with Bridget to select the clothing needed for the shoot. On the day the client will have her makeup and hair done by professionals at the studio and made to feel like a Celebrity with Bridget studio experience. The photographer offers several backgrounds to complement the clients’ brands and clothing choices made by Bridget. This service is offered as a full branding package whereby there is more time spent shooting the client, concentrating on props, backgrounds, the brand and the lifestyle of the client.