Let’s get real about our bodies ladies! It’s time to accept them just the way they are RIGHT NOW! Not when you are 5kgs lighter. This is something I have been working on myself. We are all so hard on ourselves and the realisation of it starting with accepting myself was an amazing start to 2023 for me!

Join me as I speak to REAL WOMEN about their ever changing bodies. Including special guest, Lucy Durack!

We talk about her favouite outfits and just how you too can feel amazing in your own clothing, RIGHT NOW!

Lets stop focusing on the parts we don’t like and start looking at the other body parts that have so much to offer!

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I’ve turned my live body shape styling series into a self-paced online course you can take when it suits you, to start celebrating YOUR unique body. 🎉

This is a 4x Week Styling Program to help you become a master of styling your unique body shape.

Our course is the ultimate guide to understanding your body’s features and how to dress them to feel amazing again!

By the end of this course, you will understand what styles/cuts/hem lengths, and shapes of clothing suit your body best and flatter the hell out of you!

You’ll learn how to shop for yourself in a saturated market of clothing that often leaves you confused, buying more clothing you never wear again. (Yes those ones in your wardrobe with the tags still on! #guilty!)

Once you’re in the group, you get to stay and learn from other women’s body shapes and the freedom they now have when shopping after doing this course knowing precisely what styles to wear, and what lengths to look for that are flattering to their ever-changing body shapes.

I’ll be teaching a different component of body shape styling each week, and then you’ll have homework to start putting these concepts into practice!


PDF Worksheets
4x styling sessions (One per week)
Video tutorials by your stylist
Group coaching Via Facebook
Two bonus guides – ‘Proportions’ and ‘Wardrobe Editing’

Access to Australia’s leading personal stylist for 4 weeks and beyond!