Virtual Styling

Virtual Styling

The year 2020 brought unexpected challenges but with some amazing new opportunities to embrace. I have pivoted my 'one on one' styling business into a virtual wonderland! Technology has enabled me to take you shopping online with the help of Shopshare. A virtual customised video tool that records me talking you through each and every style before you make a purchase and you can then buy these items right then and there with the help of 'Your Personal Style Expert' - Bridget Bell.

I can also carry out a 'Wardrobe Edit' and 'Style Your Wardrobe' session as I have done in the past however these are now over Zoom. Personal Styling has never been so easy. What a year it was!

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Virtual Styling Video

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Bridget did an amazing job in helping me to up style my wardrobe. It was very easy to fill out the questionnaire online which was developed to assist in working out what I needed. I loved the fact that I had Bridget’s style expertise talk me through each style and why she chose it, not to mention the suggestions that Bridget came up with. The choices were well within my budget, and I purchased all of her recommendations! Bridget was highly professional throughout the whole experience. She was very timely with her communication through the whole process, and even provided a follow up meeting/call to assist me to work through how to best mix and match the clothes. I would highly recommend Bridget. It was a fantastic experience. Amazing results!


After losing 35 kg nearly a decade ago I still tend to shop for clothes to cover my curves instead of showing them off. By using the virtual video experience, Bridget was able to give me advice and most of all the confidence on how to accentuate my figure rather than hiding it under baggy clothes. The clothes that Bridget chose for me through the virtual video experience were within my budget and were completely my taste making it very easy to gain a new look without lifting a finger. Bridget was able to explain why she picked each garment for me and with this knew knowledge I can apply this personalised advised when shopping next time. Thanks Bridget, I feel amazing when wearing my new garments.


Thank you so much Bridget!!! You have truly helped me come out of my shell. I had the most wonderful experience with you choosing some new pieces for my wardrobe virtually. I was in desperate need of some new items that really represented ME when I started my coaching business. Now my clients can see my personality shine through my outfits. Oh and I have gotten so many compliments too!! Thank you so much again, I will definitely be coming back for more!!

Virtual Styling Q&A

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