Virtual Stylist

What would you say if your favourite stylist could visit you in your own lounge room with her latest style trends hand-picked just for you? Well, that is the magic of a Virtual Stylist.

Bridget Bell is using the Shopshare virtual styling platform to bring videos and mood boards to you with links attached to the products she is talking about that are best suited to your shape or occasion. The magic of this is that you can see the styles without the overwhelm by everything else that may be on the same website. This gives you clarity about what you should be looking for when shopping for any other styles online.

Virtual Stylist, Bridget Bell is essentially changing your lifestyle by way of online wardrobe curation. A capsule wardrobe is one example. Being able to have a capsule wardrobe created for you and your colours, personality, and body shape is going to cost you a small percentage of what it might cost if you hit the shops every season in search of finding your own style. This consists of approx 10 items of clothing and accessories that you can pair back with each other creating multiple looks.

Maybe you have an event coming up and need some ideas on how to polish your look. This is where with mood boards by a virtual stylist you can see what the finished look will be without having to search high and low for the right accessories. Think about the time and money you will save. If you want a work wardrobe that does that work for you so that you don’t have to think about what you are wearing to work each and every week then this is the perfect answer. A work wardrobe is about finding staple items you can wear often, pants, a skirt, a blazer, a trench, and shoes. Pair back a variation of tops and there you have a working wardrobe in colours and styles that work for you.

Casual everyday style is not easy for some mums, says Virtual Stylist, Bridget Bell. Many would prefer to stay in their comfortable activewear which can also be curated and styled. The reason is they don’t know what style of clothing to wear day to day without wearing the same thing all the time. Having a great range of basics is key here. Include jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, tee’s, singlets, shirts, blouses, and knitwear. Then add a couple of statement pieces into the mix.

The way in which a virtual stylist works is by researching the right brands, then selecting clothing suitable to the topic or individual that the stylist is talking about during the video or creating the mood board for. The links are then captured and attached in a visual format so you can click directly on each of the links to be taken to the online store and then purchase the item in the correct size.

Sounds pretty amazing! Bridget admits she was never a great online shopper by her success rate after spending time researching brands, understanding her client and extensive experience in the clothing industry has allowed her to become an expert with many of her clients keeping everything they purchase.

Adding virtual styling to Bridget’s long line of expertise is allowing her to reach a wider audience and in the grand scheme of things, this allows her to help more women find the right fit of clothing which will enable them to focus on everyday life rather than saying what will I wear today? Putting on a less-than-fabulous outfit and feeling flat all day. Bridget went out to change the way women feel about themselves and her focus is on sizes 14-18 as these sizes are not easy to find the right style for every individual.